New brand, website and nifty quotation tool for Eupal

By Toward,

June 2011

New Eupal logo mark

A few months ago Toward were approached by logistics company Eupal to help them with their business. The company needed our whole range of expertise, including logo design, brand development, website design and a custom backend quoting and account management system.

Old Eupal logo and website

Old Eupal logo and website

As you can see here the old branding was outdated and clichéd. Eupal had lost its personality and wanted it back. Although they're a B2B company, they wanted to show that they are a professional and personal organisation. They enjoy a close working relationship with a long standing client base so were keen not to keep the design too serious.

Customisation of the font Neo Sans for the Eupal wordmark

Customisation of the font Neo Sans for the Eupal wordmark

The logo is made up of an arrow based icon and a simple wordmark in lowercase. We used a customised version of Neo Sans, which, with its tightly rounded edges offers a modern and approachable look.

Eupal logo and strapline

For the icon part of the logo we created an two interlinked arrows representing items being sent to and from the UK. Linking the arrows also represents the relationship between Eupal and their clients.

The Eupal website

The new website is fairly simple containing only a few main information pages. In order to introduce a burst of personality we created custom illustrations to illustrate the services on offer. These illustrations were built into a slideshow to create movement and a focal point for the main pages.

Custom illustrations used on the Eupal website

Custom illustrations used on the Eupal website

One of the main problems that Eupal were experiencing when we first met them was a lack of business, quoting and consignment organisation. The organisation was run using traditional paper and pen, and email, whilst quotations were given via email or over the phone.

We advised that an account, consignment and quoting system could be introduced to help organise and streamline the running of the business.

Eupal quoting system

Custom built Eupal quoting system

The backend system now tracks all new accounts and consignments whilst the quoting engine uses current market data to produce instant and accurate quotes for hundreds of thousands of variants.

The final result of this project is a totally new identity and personality for Eupal that has already been getting favourable feedback from their customers. It was also fun for us to immerse ourselves in a relatively new sector and have the opportunity to learn new skills when it came to the quoting system. It's good to learn new things and now we know where to go if we have a parcel to send!

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