Mike goes back to uni for the day

By Toward,

December 2011


Mike goes back to uni

It only seems like yesterday when I was sat in a packed room trying to understand whether my perception of graphic communication was actually going to take me anywhere. Being a student isn't that easy, especially when it comes to figuring out your career after graduating from the protective and experimental university environment. I remember how helpful it was to speak to people from within 'the industry' and get their opinion of what I see as being the correct solution for a brief and now, 10 years on, it's my turn to guide and advise where possible.

Visiting local universities is always an uplifting experience for me, it's something that I find nostalgic and hugely important. If I can share my tips, experience and expectations to guide students in their journey then (calendar allowing) I'm happy to take part.

This month I took part in a Portfolio Clinic at the University of Newport where 2nd and 3rd year students presented their portfolio of their best work.

There were a couple of things that struck me that focussed around the incredible facility and equipment that the students have at their disposal. Wonderful natural light, modern surroundings and an abundance of top notch Macs that would make most commercial agencies envious. This kind of environment can be such an important factor when harnessing creativity and it shone through when seeing the students work.

Overall, it was a great experience where I saw an array of strong ideas presented in a number of ways. As always there were 'stand out' students that will always do well but even those that fell a little short demonstrated a clear thought process that, with the right guidance will develop into very able creative thinkers. Yet another batch of newbie's that will keep us oldies in the commercial world on our toes!

Photography by Alex Lloyd Jenkins