A Merry Christmas from Toward!

By Toward,

December 2011


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And there goes another year! It seems to have flown by quicker than Vettel on his way to a 2nd F1 World Championship! There's been a couple of pretty big moments. There were highs as the whole nation held its breath as Wales did us proud in the Rugby World Cup. And lows as the tech world mourned the loss of a true pioneer.

For us, it's been another bumper, action packed year, despite the economic issues that haven't exactly made life easy! We met a whole bunch of fantastic new clients as well as (hopefully) doing our existing ones proud. We started a new networking club which now has almost 100 members and will see its 4th event in January. We've had a good bit of press too, with yours truly and Rob appearing in Computer Arts, .Net magazine and Web Designer magazine. Mike did a bike ride. And most importantly, we're all still here and loving (virtually!) every minute.

We've got some really exciting times ahead in 2012. And some pretty big plans too. For now, we bid you farewell, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We'll see you on the other side!

Opening Times

The studio will be closing at 5pm on Wednesday 21st December and we’ll be back, refreshed, bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the world at 8.30am on Tuesday 3rd Jan 2012.