Merry Christmas from everyone at Toward!

By Toward,

December 2010


Well, what a year it's been! Eyjafjallajökull erupted and made everyone homebirds for a while. England fumbled the World Cup (again). People loved the vuvuzela. Strength of man was shown in Chile. First Coalition Government formed in 70 years. Wagner. People hated the vuvuzela. iPad. We grew to eight. We celebrated.

So a bit of a mixed bag worldwide, but for us, it's been a great one. We've picked up a bunch of really great new clients and have enjoyed working with some brilliant people. Although the rest will be well deserved and will help recharge the batteries, we're itching to get back in the new year and crack on.

Opening Times

The studio will be closing at around 2pm on Wednesday 22nd December and we'll be back, sparkly eyed, donning our new Christmas pants and socks at 8.30am on Tuesday 4th Jan 2011.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Eat, drink and be merry. We'll see you in 2011!

The Toward Team.