Meet Rob - our latest Toward team member

By Toward,

November 2010


Despite the rubbish stuff going on with the economy, 2009/2010 has been our most successful year so far! We've won a number of new contracts with large clients and have maintained the group of key clients that we look after regularly. We soon realised that our increased work load required extra management. After all, we're designers and web developers! (never the most organised type of people!)

In 2010 we started looking around for a studio manager and in October we found the perfect fella. His name is Rob Mills and he's going to kick our butts into line!

Rob is a journalism graduate, writer and Project Manager. He has written for national publication .Net Magazine and is part of their 2010 Awards judging panel. Rob is also a regular contributor to popular online blog, Think Vitamin, writing about project management and communication on the web, amongst other topics. He is also writing a book about invisible communication and the web which will be released early next year.

Rob has worked for high calibre organisations such as BBC Wales, Mark Boulton Design and Carsonified, managing a variety of projects for local, national and international clients. His experience has allowed him to work with brands such as Vodafone, Drupal and Warner Brothers.

As Studio Manager, Rob is going to be responsible for scheduling the team's time, keeping clients updated on projects, organising meetings, setting deadlines and issuing quotes and invoices. As a qualified journalist Rob is also an accomplished copywriter which could turn out to be a great asset.

We're really chuffed to have Rob on board and look forward to him becoming a key member of the team. Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing Rob to all our key clients, but if you want to speak to him direct about a project, give the studio a call on 01633 262670 or drop him an email to