Introducing the brand new CCFC Foundation website

By Tom,

September 2021

Web Dev News
No, not the football club! CCFC Foundation is a Cardiff-based Charity that runs a collection of projects that support children, young adults and families across South Wales. With a strong sense of community, the foundation is a driving force towards a brighter future for all involved.

The various CCFC Foundation projects

CCFC Foundation aims to encourage healthier lifestyles through sport whilst tackling larger issues such as inequality. The foundation offers various projects from school-based activities, improving education to creating employment opportunities.

Like most charities, the structure of CCFC Foundation is complex. From its various projects to different affiliations, and different streams of income and support. Clear, logical layout and categorisation was a priority.

Screenshot of CCFC Foundation projects page layout from the new website
One of the main brand objectives of the new website was to better communicate the various services. The new website helps CCFC Foundation showcase the many projects and helps the user (whoever they are) to navigate around to find what they are looking for.

The future of CCFC Foundation

This website is the main touchpoint and source of information for the public. It’s where users go to follow news and updates, and learn more about the projects. (Both how to take part and how to support.)

Social media activity and outdoor activities need to echo this and increase brand awareness. The bold and ambitious hashtag #OurClubChangesLives is the thread that carries the messaging through the various channels of communication.

Follow #OurClubChangesLives on social media via @ccfc_foundation

We hope the changes help the cause to prosper and achieve the wider ethical goals of CCFC Foundation. Namely:

  • Tackling inequality

  • Improving education and employment opportunities

  • Helping people achieve their full potential

How businesses can get involved

CCFC foundation also offers businesses and brands in South Wales (and further afield!) the ideal opportunity to get involved with the projects as part of their CSR activities. Especially if their ethical goals are in line with your business values and overall mission.

Find out more about how you can get involved and corporate partnerships here.

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