Inside the studio

By Toward,

July 2013


Back in May we launched our new website and since then we've been a bit quiet on the updates front. Well silence is not always golden so we now have a new plan for regular blogging and we thought we'd start with an update on what we've been doing in the last couple of months.

New work for DS Smith Recycling Here's a project we've just finished for our client DS Smith Recycling – The Loop, a 20 page internal newsletter given to each member of staff.

We've been involved in some really special projects lately and just finished a touchscreen experience for Sport Wales. This was the first touch screen project we've worked on and the focus was very much on storytelling. We'll be adding that project to our portfolio soon so keep an eye out. Storytelling has become the focus of a lot of our work and we're really excited to have clients who understand the value in stories, language, design and audiences. This is a topic we'll be writing about more in coming months.

Touch screen interactive learning tool design

We have continued to work with, amongst others, Ballet Cymru, PHS, DS Smith Recycling, The Whitgift Foundation and SSE. From internal newsletters, digital marketing campaigns, websites and everything in between. We are currently working on three branding projects, as well as kicking off a sizeable social network project which is going to keep us busy well into the new year. Lucky, us? You bet.

Some work in progress

This range of projects has made full use of our skills in the team, not least the beautiful illustration work by Gareth. Speaking of the team, we have recently welcomed Hamish onboard. Hamish is our new web developer and he has already brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. We're very excited about sharing his work with you as he has a keen interest in interaction and user experience.

Some of our Toward instagram shots

Other studio news, other than sweltering in the heat (which we love really) is that we have a new coffee machine so if you come and see us we can deliver a delicious beverage... it just might take 15 mins to do so. We have also been playing PotBall™ recently which Paul 'invented'. It's quite simple, you have to throw a ball into a pot. We have been Vining this over recent weeks. Paul is the current champion on the tally board.

Points have also been dished out for untidiness for the last three months. The rules are stringent and it's every man for himself, but the studio has been gleaming since we started keeping track. Now we just need to decide the forfeit for the mucky pup at the end of the year. Gareth and Tom have also been growing chilli plants. Tom seems to have yielded the most impressive crop thanks to his cross pollination technique involving a cotton bud.

Mike has continued to grow the business with frequent trips up and down the M4, looking after current clients and building relationships with new ones. He and Tom have been putting lots of exciting plans in place for Toward, some of which we hope to be able to share soon. Until then, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest from the studio.