Increasing sales and growing a brand with Shopify

By Pete,

September 2018

Hugely popular online clothing retailer needed to relaunch their store. A tired, clunky ecommerce system, expensive and unreliable servers, and a poor user experience were damaging the brand and stalling growth.

Using data to create the ideal shopping experience

We redesigned all parts of the store—from the visual design and user experience through to the underlying platform and integrations. We migrated the store, along with thousands of products from Magento to Shopify Plus. Over 80% of visitors to the site use a smartphone, so we focused on creating a refined and focused mobile experience.

Wire frame and design toolbox
Initial scoping and discussions

300% increase in revenue

The results achieved with the redesign have been pretty phenomenal—way beyond what we anticipated. Revenue generated from the site is up 300% from the previous year. Of course there's natural growth and promotions within that, but with a conversion rate increase of 60% on mobile, much of the success can be put down to the new site. The company has already returned its initial investment, and now has a fantastic platform for growth. Design
Finished Visuals

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