Hi Kenny :)

By Liz,

September 2021

Web Dev
We’ve hired a new Developer! His name is Kenny. Toward is his second role in the industry so he’s the fresh meat of the Dev Team.

Here’s Kenny saying some stuff about himself

I live in Cardiff Bay but I’m originally from Carmarthen. I graduated from Staffordshire University in 2015 with a BSc in Web Design.

I’ve now been a Web Developer for just over four years. I started off with an interest in all-things design which, when I landed my first role at a different studio in Cardiff Bay, evolved into development. I loved it so I stuck with it and improved upon it, picking up heaps of knowledge and experience in a lot of different areas along the way. Developer at Toward is now my second ever role!

I work best with a challenge. Working with new frameworks, libraries, or in a completely different stack. I tend to spend a lot of time looking at the bleeding edge of the front-end world; what’s new and upcoming in the industry, what’s not so popular anymore, and what tools or services developers are currently shouting about.

When I’m not being a developer, I spend my time at socials with close friends, eating at a new restaurant or cooking something new at home, reading and writing, or shooting stuff in the face with a PlayStation controller when all else fails.

I have a semi-active Twitter account: @kennyheard. I will (eventually) have a website up at kennyheard.dev when I get my sh*t together!

And now to address the question on everyone’s lips

How does our Kenny feel about Kenny from South Park? “I love Kenny!” - Kenny
And there you go.

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