Hi Keiran :)

By Liz,

February 2022

We’ve hired a new junior designer! Keiran is another Swansea recruit, which is helping our safety in numbers. Still not enough to mention the football though. Probably. Anyway, welcome Keiran.

Introduce yourself to the class

“I’m a self proclaimed nerd and not afraid to admit it. There’s something fascinating about dissecting things and learning how they come together and work. Two years ago I moved to London to pursue a career in design, eventually leading back to my hometown Swansea to continue an MA. That’s when I won my spot at Toward. Hard work really does pay off.”

“I’m inspired by art culture- especially video games, cinema and music. However, can we agree that there needs to be better horror movies made!”

Tell us something random about you

“I have a weird obsession with Kirby, he’s the most relatable character ever. Maybe it’s because of my own love for food. Although I enjoy cooking, God made me far better at eating food over cooking it. What can I say?”

Kirby eating lots of food
“When we hire designers who are just getting started I tend to look for some specific things—energy, passion, ambition and of course a flair for design. From my first conversation with Keiran I could tell he had all of those traits. For a junior, his portfolio of work was varied and presented very well. During that first chat I got a sense of Keiran’s energy and enthusiasm, and his view on what he could offer at Toward clearly showed he had that ambition we look for. I can’t wait to see what he can do over the next few years!” - Tom, Co Founder
Nice to have you on board Keiran, we’re looking forward to seeing what you can do!