Happy New Year!?

By Mike,

January 2018

That painful sound of my alarm clock piercing my dream; the one I was clinging to, hoping it will last a little longer. The slow reluctant brushing of my teeth and the trudge through my wardrobe—even the car seems like it refuses to let the handbrake off.

Why does the start of a brand new year always feel like this to me??

The first day back after the Christmas break is always delivered with a sigh. I was only one hour in and I missed waking naturally at 8.30 and the cosiness of the my pj's and slippers!

But the reality is that once I get out of this post Christmas funk, I've a lot to look forward to.

At Toward, we're on course to have a record year and it's all down to hard work. We've worked really hard delivering great projects that have helped transform businesses. We've pushed ourselves harder than we've ever done and now we're being rewarded.

I'm grateful for our clients who come to us for help and pay for the privilege but looking at what we've delivered, I'm proud to say that we're well worth the money.

This year will bring us even more opportunities. We're going to push harder, grow our team, deliver greater expertise, look for doors and open them. We're going to be showcasing some great projects that we've been getting our teeth into and then using them to attract daring new clients that like to be challenged–watch this space!

We're also going to have our hands busy with Wales Week in London.

This brilliant initiative is on track to becoming a fixed period in the calendar year where Welsh business and culture will be showcased and celebrated in front of people who've little idea of what our great nation can offer.

And the greatest achievement is that we've managed to create a connected vision that crosses political divides, includes businesses and organisations of all sorts and involves the passionate and proud Welsh diaspora already living in London and beyond.

So for now I'm happy to say goodbye to these day wasting lie ins, fuelled by gluttonous over fuelling of sweets and carbs.

I need some challenges and 2018 is going to deliver that for me!