Giving facebook pages a facelift

By Toward,

April 2011


giving facebook pages a facelift

Well, it's been another thoroughly interesting week in the world of the web. Earlier this week social media giant Facebook launched a new site - This new site is a portal, showcasing the developments of how the Facebook platform is becoming an ever increasingly useful tool for brands to interact with audiences, and how digital agencies are doing new things.

The new The new

You see, like the rest of the web, Facebook has been evolving rapidly recently. What started as a network for friends to communicate and exchange information has now become a place where brands can access and interact with an enormous audience. This is being done using a platform that Facebook has developed which offers interaction in many ways. Facebook pages are just one part of this.

A few weeks ago we blogged about practicing what we preach, in relation to self promotion and social media. It's true, we are active bloggers and tweeters and although we have had a Facebook page for a while, it's not something we've really concentrated our efforts on.

We recently decided that is was time we gave our Facebook presence a bit of love. Until now we had our Twitter account connected to Facebook, so every time we tweeted, our Facebook status was updated. The problem with this is that we've been finding that the two platforms have very different audiences.

We think there is little value in just having a Facebook page that listed our tweets - that's what Twitter is for, right? So we started to look at how we could use Facebook differently and more effectively. One of the best ways we found is to show our work rather than write about it - everyone likes pictures after all!

Blog posts and images fed into our facebook page Our custom Facebook page

We decided to use a Facebook Developer app which allowed us to load an external page into our main fan page. This would give us custom landing page for anyone visiting us on Facebook. The one thing we didn't want to do is create a whole load of new work for us to do to keep things updated, so we linked this external page to our Wordpress website. What this means is that whenever we add a new blog post to our site, it automatically updates the Facebook page. Same goes for galleries of our work and doodles. We also incorporated a Twitter feed into the page.

Our Facebook page now features a gallery of recent work Our Facebook page now features a gallery of recent work

As a business-to-business company we can't say we really see Facebook as an essential part of our marketing tool kit, but by utilising new technologies, we not only get to challenge ourselves, but most importantly we get to demonstrate our abilities and ideas to our clients.

Please feel free to have a look at our new Facebook page › and if you'd like more updates through Facebook, like us!