Get on your bike, Mike!

By Mike,

July 2015

It’s that time again where I straighten my moral compass, decide to challenge myself and do some good in the world.

Yep, this all started way back when when I first bought a bike to ride the length of Wales. Then some idiot decided that we should cycle from Paris to Cardiff. Since then it seems that an annual bike ride that’s focussed on raising funds and awareness of a cause is expected.

Mike and his bike

Last year I ventured out with a bunch of crazy blokes on a ride called Tour De Galle. The clue is in the title. Not only was it loads of fun, plus I got to see some stunning Welsh scenery but the awareness that we raised of Sepsis and The Sepsis Trust was fantastic.

We’re a realistic bunch and know how many of these fundraising challenges are going on. We can’t expect everyone to empty their wallets. Everyone’s just more selective nowadays and that’s fine.

This year, the same mad group are taking Tour De Galles out of the Welsh borders and raising money for Velindre Cancer Care. A very worthy cause that has a direct impact on our local community. We’re heading 240 miles to Cheltenham then down past Bath, around Bristol and then back to Cardiff. I can’t lie; it’ll be two and half days of banter and laughs all being used to drown out the pain in our legs and backsides. I’ll feel lonely, sad, reflective, joyous and elated.

This is the beauty of such challenges. You break away from your normal routine and delve into the depths of your soul. Where business doesn’t matter but comradery is essential. You get time to think and focus. I love that part of these types of challenges and if you’ve not done something like it, I suggest you give it a try.

So there we are; we’re heading off from Jolyons on Cathedral Road tomorrow morning and will be arriving back in Cardiff on Sunday.

Wish us and our backsides luck, we’ll need it!

Oh... and I’d seriously appreciate any donation that you can afford. You can donate here.