Gareth & Rob's Robject Project

By Toward,

September 2011


Gareth & Rob's Robject Project

At Toward, we are always looking to be inspired and sometimes that inspiration can come from weird and wonderful places. Like an apple, for example. Little over a month ago, I was about to enjoy my daily apple when I noticed that this particular apple was the exact same size as Rob’s head. Obviously, I was stunned and immediately photographed the evidence to show the rest of the Toward team. They weren’t as amazed as us.

The first Robject, inspired by my massive apple The first Robject, inspired by my massive apple

However, this didn’t stop us. Myself (the photographer) and Rob (the model) embarked on a month long, lunchtime project, called Robject. This name came from a mixture of the words Rob, object and project, yeah, we thought it was pretty clever too.

What was the challenge? Well, we had to find 25 random objects from around the studio, that could replace Rob’s head in a photograph. Why 25? Well, we used the Hipstamatic iPhone app for the highly professional photo shoots, which gives us a square image. By the end of the project we wanted to create a 5x5 image, which included every photograph. Here’s the final image:

The final Robject image The final Robject image

You can see for yourself. When we said random, we truly meant it. The objects ranged from a baseball from San Diego to a Star Wars character to a half drunk pint of John Smith’s, which by the way, wasn’t in the studio. This was at our ‘team building exercise’ at Chepstow races. Even out of the studio, we stayed committed to Robject.

3 of our Robject images

As an additional challenge for our Studio Manager/Model, we agreed he had to wear a different t-shirt everyday. A job worth doing is worth doing properly. He succeeded in this challenge with ease, which can only mean Rob has way too many clothes.

So, what have we learned from this month long project? We’ve learned that at Toward, we can take an everyday item, such as our apple and accidentally turn it in to something that was good fun, a little bit silly and definitely not a waste of time!

Oh, and now you can see all 25 photos on our Facebook page in the Studio Life album. Enjoy.