Toward & CreativeMornings

By Toward,

June 2015

Last month CreativeMornings/Cardiff turned one—a veritable baby by CreativeMornings standards but it still felt like an important milestone for us as a little local growing community.
CDF Speaker Lee John Philips

The Shed Project

We celebrated by having a little retrospective of our first year. Paying thanks to our team, speakers and partners who’ve all been an essential part of our Cardiff chapter. We also invited the amazing Lee John Phillips to come along and speak about his beloved Shed Project. It felt really fitting to have a homegrown talent like Lee share his story.

The motivations behind his artwork and projects are utterly genuine and based on a fascination and respect for his family and Welsh industrial history. He wants to produce something meaningful that will stand the test of time and celebrate his father’s approach to life and work. Lee’s project beautifully ties together the story of family, industrial revolution and Wales' ever changing cultural landscape. Most importantly perhaps, it’s from the heart. Drawing and numbering every single last item in his late grandfather’s shed celebrates the beauty in the little things and attempts to put the chaos of life into order.

You can check out his talk below and catch his first exhibition from October 24th in the Winding House where there will be a mock up of Lee’s grandfathers shed and an exhibition celebrating his life.

The CreativeMornings team are currently in the midst of organising the next event on Friday. We’ve lucked out again with a really fascinating speaker lined up for "Revolution", John McGrath who has been Creative Director of the National Theatre of Wales for the past seven years. During his tenure he has been challenging the community to imagine ‘what theatre can be’ and in doing so has produced some truly innovative work including the Radicalisation of Bradley Manning and the ground breaking The Passion starring Michael Sheen.

Our venue will be the very cool new café Artigiano and we’ll be indulging in some of their top notch coffee to wake us up and get us ready for the day!

At Toward we have joined Monotype and Ebbw Media as partners of this month’s event and are very happy indeed to be supporting. We feel like CreativeMornings rings true with what we believe in—being open to learning and sharing knowledge, challenging ourselves and others to be the best we can be. We think the best environment for this is informal, fun and relaxed but with that all important structure, just like CreativeMornings.

More than anything though we want to support the local creative community, because we believe it’s full of awesome, talented people. Visit the CreativeMornings/Cardiff site to become part of the community and join the mailing list, and hop on over to Twitter to keep up to date.