Creating a new name—from GOVNOW to FlyForm

By Tom,

January 2019

FlyForm (formally GOVNOW) is a consultancy that works with large organisations on strategy and implementation of the ServiceNow platform.

If you work in a large enterprise or have been part of a big digital transformation project, you may know of ServiceNow. If not, here’s how they sum it up ‘The ServiceNow cloud platform streamlines how work gets done. Our enterprise automation solutions create great employee and customer experiences.’

So basically it’s a platform for organisations to help them run better. As the old name implies, GOVNOW was initially set up to focus on working with government departments with their ServiceNow implementations. It soon became clear that the name was limiting the scope of what the company could achieve (they’re an incredibly ambitious team). So, they came to us for a new name that would grow with the business and set them up for success.

Finding the right name

The first step in finding the perfect name was to run a workshop, where we broke down the audience, the brand personality, the market and the opportunity. While analysing the competitor landscape we found a number of opportunities to differentiate.

FlyForm Competitors
The other players in this space have technical sounding names

The core competitors have very technical names that lack a visual brand story. They struggle to express themselves creatively. We figured a name that asked a question and created some visual metaphors would serve as a good start for the brand.

When creating a new name for a business we try to make sure it does these things:

  1. Does it capture the imagination and start a conversation, rather than being obvious?
  2. Is it easy to remember, and is it memorable?
  3. Does it stand out in the market against the competitor landscape?
  4. Does it start a brand story that has meaning and can be expressed visually?

Getting to FlyForm

Using the findings from our workshop, we started thinking about the core themes: Transformation, bold but elegant solutions and providing freedom for clients. This eventually led us to butterflies.

Example slides from the FlyForm name presentation
Example slides from the FlyForm name presentation

For us, a butterfly was the perfect metaphor for what they do: Transform a grubby, ugly IT infrastructure into an elegant, beautiful ServiceNow implementation, that allows their client to grow and expand.

In other (fewer words) “Helping organisations fly through transformation.”

And so, FlyForm was born.

Early explorations of how a butterfly concept could be visualised.

As part of our name presentation we showed some early visual explorations looking at how the butterfly concept could be used visually.

Once the new name was confirmed, we developed the new brand and website which you can read about here.