Branding & e-commerce website for Beyond the Barriers

By Toward,

September 2010


Toward were approached by Anna Hemmings - 2 time Olympian and 6 times World Champion canoeist to create a logo and website for her new venture Beyond the Barriers. The company specialises in improving the health and performance of corporate employees through training, public speaking and wellness programs. They also provide a service called HeartMath which can help people change their nervous system’s response to stress and improve performance under pressure.

The first thing we did was tackle the logo mark that would represent the company. We were asked to develop something fresh, forward thinking and representative of the company's background and services. Following a stage of conceptualisation and development, we created a simple wave design that initially took inspiration from a heartbeat monitor (which links to their services). We then added depth to create a ribbon which links perfectly with winning and Anna's exceptional background.

Once we had finalised the logo mark, applied it to stationery and designed a brochure, it was time to move onto the website. The brief was to create a content managed site that could be edited by the Beyond the Barriers team. We used WordPress, often seen as the worlds best tool for creating blogs. Turns out it makes for a pretty mean Content Management System (CMS) too!

Phase two of the site build saw the addition of an online store, enabling users to purchase physical items like books and heartbeat monitors, but also downloads and access to restricted content. We set up the whole online shopping system from the shopping cart, through to the payment method and merchant account.

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