Bluegg becomes Toward

By Tom,

February 2023


Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Bluegg story. Today we’re changing our name to Toward.

We’ve told the origin story of Bluegg hundreds of times over the last 21 years. Two young graduates with new ideas, looking to make their dent in the universe. With a name that signifies freshness, innocence and irreverence.

Now, we spend our days talking to businesses about their brand, and we hear the same story often — the company has moved on and outgrown its identity and its origins. It’s time for change. Well, a while ago we were that company.

We’ve changed. As people, as a team, as a company. Bolder and more confident, with bigger goals and greater ambitions. The time has come to stop looking back, and start looking forward.

Toward is our battle cry. A way of thinking. A journey with direction, but without end. It’s pushing the boundaries. Pushing our clients and pushing ourselves in a new direction.

We’ll be sharing a lot more about the Toward story and how it came to be over the next few weeks, but for now we look forward to our new beginning. The first page of the next chapter.

Let’s go! Toward.

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