All work, some play - a week at Toward

By Toward,

November 2010


Well what a week! No two weeks are the same here at Toward so we thought let you know what's been going on both work related and outside the studio.

All work...

We've kicked off quite a few new projects this month with a nice variety of print, web and branding to keep us busy. One of the best things about our line of work is the different sectors and services we get to learn about through our clients - this week we've learned lots about recycling, gas, accountancy and most unusually urinals!

We can't say too much about these yet but as soon as they're finished there will be lots of blog posts and new projects added to our website.

Whilst getting these new relationships up and running, we've also also been busy keeping our long standing clients happy with website updates, printed materials and for the lucky few, a night at the ice hockey in our sponsor's box!

This week has also been particularly frantic as we had two significant proposals to submit. Both were sent on time and now we have a pitch on Monday to prepare for. Other studio news has included Mike and Rob attending the .Net Awards in London last week and Tom was out with a bunch of great people celebrating Beaujollino.

We've had some tragic news on the lunchtime front. The pride of our meeting room, our LCD TV has been on the blink so we've had to swap Call of Duty: Black Ops for table tennis. The less said about that the better, clearly there is no ping-pong in team!

Some play...

We love working hard and creating great work, but sometimes we need to kick back and have ourselves some fun! In some of our downtime this week we have discovered that Paul can kick his leg over 6ft high. Impressive. We've also gone all multi-cultural as Liam recently returned from two weeks in Mexico, bringing with him a Mexican wrestling mask and possibly the most disgusting tasting sweets ever. Think watermelon and chilli flavour!

Annemarie came back this week after spending 5 days in Hong Kong. She kindly brought us all some chopsticks which has led to much random chopstick activity. The most recent news is that Gareth had a haircut last night. We almost didn't recognise him this morning. Almost. The rest of our chill time was generally spent discussing the positives of Dr Gillian McKeith, wondering if Wagner will win the X Factor and pondering the sad death of Bernard Matthews.

Next week looks set to be just as busy and diverse and there is a blog post set to go live about one of long standing clients so stay posted. In the meantime the snow has just started to fall, let's hope we all get home safely for the weekend. Bye for now!