A new customer-focused website for Melin

By Nathan,

June 2022

This week saw the launch of a new website for Melin, a Registered Social Landlord providing affordable homes and services to people living in south-east Wales.
Melin website

As with any organisation, supporting their customers is hugely important and also a challenge. With varying needs and requirements, making sure customers can quickly find the help and information they're looking for is crucial. This is especially true for a social landlord.

As part of our discovery phase we interviewed and ran workshops with Melin’s customers and community groups to find out more about their experiences. The consensus was that customers were struggling to find the answers they needed and as a result would pick up the phone instead.

Even though the existing website housed the majority of the information needed by customers, the user experience was poor—especially on mobile devices, which made up the majority of traffic.

This was reflected by Melin’s own goals of reducing the strain being put on the customer support team. The goal was to create a clean, clear and easy to navigate experience across all devices with customer information and support at its heart.

The new website is now completely focused on providing a good customer experience, and making content easy to find.

A clean and clear design style with a focus on typography helps people navigate and digest the content. We created a new site architecture and navigation system to better organise the site content and make it more accessible.

With a content heavy site, a successful search function is vital. We put search front and centre of the experience. We built a smart search that provided much more useful results, rather than a long list of related pages.

We worked with the talented internal design team at Melin who provided the bold and beautiful illustrations which help bring the content to life and add personality. Full case study coming soon.

Check out the new site and if you’d like to talk to us about a project, please get in touch.