A brand to tackle violence in Wales

By Megan,

March 2020

The Violence Prevention Unit (VPU) Wales brings together multi-disciplinary experts from health, police, local government, probation and community organisations to tackle all forms of violence and abuse using a public health approach.

Toward and The VPU

The VPU challenged Toward to develop a brand identity for the initiative that represents collective thinking and collective action for the good of our national community.

The identity needed to be bold, but approachable enough to appeal to a wide audience group.

It needed to differentiate itself from the traditional police approach when it came to violence prevention. Our brand concept was built around the collaboration of these organisations working together to prevent violence; but also empowering communities to stand behind the VPU and protect the people of Wales.

The approach we created for the VPU is outward facing, flexible and adaptable as the initiative continues to grow. It reflects the collaboration of multiple organisations coming together to form a preventative barrier.

VPU Bilingual logo
VPU logo combined with photo
VPU branded lanyard

Since the successful launch of the VPU brand we have continued to work with the team on various design work to help them share their knowledge and expertise at exhibitions and conferences.

We love solving big problems for public sector clients that want to make a difference in the community and look forward to continuing working with the great VPU team.