2023 — The Year of Change

By Tom,

December 2023


When you’ve been running an agency for 21 years, the edges between those years tend to blend together. It becomes harder to look back and remember when those stand-out moments happen. This year is different. For a long while into the future we’ll be able to separate 2023 from previous years for a number of reasons.

The biggest of all is that we started it as Bluegg and will end it as Toward. The biggest change to our business in over 20 years. A new ambition, a new way of thinking and a new view on what the future holds for us.

A second milestone is the upcoming appointment of our first non-executive director. We’ll share more about it soon, but bringing a finance focused founder who built a multi-million pound household name brand has been transformative in the way we think about business strategy and growth.

I say this every year, but I really do think this year we’ve delivered our best work. From launching entirely new companies to transforming existing ones, and developing some of our most complex web projects to date. Special thanks goes out to the 30+ companies who have trusted us with their projects this year. Here’s a taster of what we’ve been doing…

A huge thank you as always goes out to the Toward team and partners who have delivered an amazing quality of work and customer experience.

We’ve got so much planned for 2024, and can’t wait to share it. We’re taking a well earned break until the 2nd January, so we wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year, see you soon!

Tom, Mike and the Toward Team